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Take a look at the light fixtures in your house. Are they the
original fixtures that the builder installed? Do your light fixtures
give off enough light? Does the room look dark and dreary or
does it look bright, light, airy, and spacious? Does the room
have an ambiance which is welcoming to the potential buyer?

Light fixtures today come in a large variety of styles, sizes,
shapes, colours and price points.

Light fixtures can add luxury to a room. The style of lighting
chosen can make a big difference to the over all feel of a room.
For example, if you have an elegant traditional dining room,
you would pick an appropriate chandelier with perhaps a couple
of wall sconces to give the room the feel you are looking for.
A country style fixture with a fan would take away from the
look you are trying to portray, as would a sleek modern fixture.
Use the lighting to enhance the style and mood of the room.

Light fixtures can be replaced at minimal costs. This quick
and easy change can immediately update the look of a room,
increase the visual attractiveness; show off a rooms best features.

Make sure the light fixture and bulbs are clean, the highest
wattage allowable used, all the bulbs of the same wattage and
working, free of dust and cobwebs.

Home Staging addresses the lighting as well as the lighting
fixtures in a house.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke


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Capture the attention of potential home buyers, make a
good first impression with a well landscaped yard. Home
Staging includes curb appeal which includes landscaping.

Stage with landscaping to highlight and enhance the houses
selling features, to create a focal point and visual flow with
balance and harmony.

There are so many options to choose from; trees, shrubs,
bushes, hedges, planters, urns, hanging baskets, window
boxes, basket trees and trellises. A combination of a few
of these options strategically placed can give your house
a whole new look.

All in a variety of different sizes, colors, shapes and heights.
Flowering perennials or annuals, ornamental grasses, roses
come in climbing, bush and miniature. Ivies, vines, cedars,
evergreens, topiary, flowering bushes and ground cover are
just a few of the many options available for your landscaping

Accessorize the outside of the house, using outdoor furniture,
lawn decorations and ornaments, outdoor lighting, multilevel
planters, boulders, rocks and stepping stones to name a few.

You can get ideas from magazines, garden centers, do it
yourself TV shows, or just drive around and look at other
houses that are similar to yours for design ideas.

Home Stage outside as well as inside to entice buyers and
get the competitive advantage over your competition.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke

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