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In Home Staging no two projects will ever be the same.
There are such a wide variety of variables and circumstances
that can come into play; the age of the house, if it has been
updated over the years, the clients budget, time factor,
price point of the house, target market, the type of furniture
and accessories the client has or does not have, if the client
is going to do the work themselves or have the Stager do it,
if repairs need to be done.

It also depends on how motivated the seller is. Motivated
sellers tend to be open to suggestions and possibilities.

The final decisions as to what suggestions are or
are not implemented are entirely the clients’ decision.

The purpose of Home Staging is to position the house
to be more competitive and appeal to the greatest range
of potential buyers in the target market.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design

Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke


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