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My tag line on my business card is:

A home is where you live,
A house is what you sell.

Decorating is for living,
Staging is for selling.

A home is where you live and decorating is for living refer to
a home that is not on the market.

“Your home is your castle,” and you should enjoy it. You should
live with the colors you like, the style of furniture of your preference,
and the photos and accessories that are special to you and that make
your house a home.

A house is what you sell, Staging is for selling refers to a home which
is on the market, completing for the attention of all the buyers.

The best way to get the best price and a quicker sale is to modify the
house to meet the buying criteria of the largest share of the buyers.

The best way to do this is to neutralize all the colors, de-clutter which
includes the removal of anything that is of a personal nature, including
family photos, culturally, religiously or politically specific. And the
cheapest way to improve you house is to clean, clean, clean.

Home Staging is taking the home out of the house.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada


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A potential home buyer comes into your house and the
first time they inhale, they are over come with a stench.
Not a very good impression.

An offensive odor can turn the potential buyer off from
the moment they first get in the door. It can distract them
from seeing the houses real potential.

Pets are the biggest culprits, smelly litter boxes, animal
beds and animal toys. Cigarette or cigar smoke is another
culprit and can be very offensive to non smokers. The
smell of certain types of food, un-cleanliness, mold and
mildew all leave their scents. The home owner gets used
to the smells in their home, and doesn’t notice them.

It’s not enough to just cover up the smell. The source of
the problem should found and dealt with to eliminate it.
Clean the carpet and furniture. Wash the blinds and curtains.
Give the house a good cleaning from top to bottom. Wash
bedding, blankets etc.

Take out the garbage daily. Air the house out regularly.
Be conscious of the cooking smells left behind.

Does Your House Pass the Sniff Test?
Home Staging includes the Sniff Test.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke

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