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Homeowners Help Realtors Sell Your House – #1. Leave the Lights On

There are many ways which homeowners can help Realtors.
One way is to leave the lights on inside and outside when appropriate.

When a Realtor is showing your house to a qualified potential buyer
it is because either the Realtor or the buyer have chosen your house
to view from all the other comparable houses for sale on the Multiple
Listing Service.

The Realtor does not know your house, but wants to show it to its
best potential. Motivated buyers view houses at all hours of the day
and evening, during nice weather, as well as during inclement weather.

You can help by leaving your exterior lights on especially during the
evening hours so the Realtor can easily get the lockbox open. The buyer
will get a good look at the front of the house and curb appeal upon arrival.
Leaving the backyard lights on will catch the attention of the buyers and
make sure they look in your backyard and easily see its features. Installing
timers or motion detectors on exterior lights and timers on a few interior lights
would be an alternative.

As I mentioned the Realtor does not know your house, most light switches
are easy to find, but some are not. A well lit room is always more inviting.
If you have special lighting, for example pot lights that are a selling feature,
we want to make sure the buyer sees them. We especially want the buyers
to be aware of all your upgrades and selling features.

Leaving the lights on inside and outside when appropriate benefits
everyone in the end.

Lydia Pollard, Sales Representative
Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage
Direct: 905-272-4764
Office: 905-812-8123

www.LydiaSellsHomes.com and www.OwnersPride.ca


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Staging is for selling. Please don’t be offended by the suggestions
that your Home Stager or Real Estate Sales Representative make.

How you live, how you decorate your home is your choice alone.
A home should reflect its family, their likes and preferences.

When a Home Stager suggests that you remove several pieces of
furniture and put them into storage…this is very common. Don’t
take it personally; it usually has nothing to do with the furniture itself.
The reasoning is to show off your rooms, their size, and their features
so that they show their best. Buyers are not buying your belongings,
they are buying the house, so we what to show it off.

The Home Stager is looking at your house through the eyes of the most
discriminating buyer and will notice things that you don’t. You live in the
house every day, it has sentimental value, memories and you just get
used to small irregularities and don’t notice them any more. So when
the Home Stager recommends repairs, color changes, the removal or
replacing of specific items, don’t take it personally. It’s the Home Stager’s
job to see these things and mention them for your attention. Many times
it is not because they are right or wrong, it is because it’s the way that
Buyers have become accustomed to expect homes on the market to look.

So love your treasures that you have collected over the years, and don’t
be offended if it is suggested you put them away and pack them up to
take to your new home. These are the special irreplaceable souvenirs,
treasures and keepsakes that will make your new house special and
turn it into your home.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada

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My tag line on my business card is:

A home is where you live,
A house is what you sell.

Decorating is for living,
Staging is for selling.

A home is where you live and decorating is for living refer to
a home that is not on the market.

“Your home is your castle,” and you should enjoy it. You should
live with the colors you like, the style of furniture of your preference,
and the photos and accessories that are special to you and that make
your house a home.

A house is what you sell, Staging is for selling refers to a home which
is on the market, completing for the attention of all the buyers.

The best way to get the best price and a quicker sale is to modify the
house to meet the buying criteria of the largest share of the buyers.

The best way to do this is to neutralize all the colors, de-clutter which
includes the removal of anything that is of a personal nature, including
family photos, culturally, religiously or politically specific. And the
cheapest way to improve you house is to clean, clean, clean.

Home Staging is taking the home out of the house.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada

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If you are planning to put your house up for sale. Plan ahead.
A great way to de-clutter is to have a garage sale. De-cluttering
is a very important part of Home Staging.

1. Organize a Street Sale instead of just a single garage sale.
Turn it into a neighborhood social event.
A street sale will attract more customers and make for a fun atmosphere.

2. For a street sale, distribute the work. One person can be in charge of making
the signs. Another for putting up the signs. Another in charge of balloons. Etc.

3. Have residents park their cars on other streets during the garage sale. This
will make for easy parking for customers and more visibility of the street.

4. Have some neighborhood kids set up a lemonade, coffee and sweets table.
They can donate the proceeds to a children’s charity. Get the kids involved.

5. Have neighborhood pre-sale scheduled for a certain time the night before the
sale. This is a fun time to catch up with neighbors and get the first chance
to view and buy each others stuff and discuss any pricing challenges.

6. Put the signs up the night before, be prepared for early visitors.

7. Instead of selling everything separately, consider grouping like things or sets
together and bundling.

8. Instead of throwing out odds, sods, irregular or small items, you can put them
in a box marked Free. It might be something someone can use.

9. Remember to get some change in advance and have bags available.

10. Anything that doesn’t sell could be donated to the Salvation Army or a
church yard sale. Think recycle before you think land fill.

De-cluttering is a very important part of Home Staging. Plan ahead.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke

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A potential home buyer comes into your house and the
first time they inhale, they are over come with a stench.
Not a very good impression.

An offensive odor can turn the potential buyer off from
the moment they first get in the door. It can distract them
from seeing the houses real potential.

Pets are the biggest culprits, smelly litter boxes, animal
beds and animal toys. Cigarette or cigar smoke is another
culprit and can be very offensive to non smokers. The
smell of certain types of food, un-cleanliness, mold and
mildew all leave their scents. The home owner gets used
to the smells in their home, and doesn’t notice them.

It’s not enough to just cover up the smell. The source of
the problem should found and dealt with to eliminate it.
Clean the carpet and furniture. Wash the blinds and curtains.
Give the house a good cleaning from top to bottom. Wash
bedding, blankets etc.

Take out the garbage daily. Air the house out regularly.
Be conscious of the cooking smells left behind.

Does Your House Pass the Sniff Test?
Home Staging includes the Sniff Test.

Lydia Pollard
Owners Pride Home Staging & Design
Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton & Etobicoke

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